Dancing with the Trinity

Sneaky Christmas Miracles

I wanted to let you know that on Saturday I wasn’t much in the Christmas mood.  Even attending Advent services on Wednesdays hadn’t brought the season into focus for me.  But yesterday everything changed.  The music, the crowds of friends at both services, being involved in both services was cracking the ice for me.  And being allowed to participate in the No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant – do a little seasonal writing – finally put me totally in the mood.  But there was one moment I had that I wanted to share with you all.

All of the kids were in costume, we even had to recruit an extra wise man from the teenagers, and we were beginning the narration.  Pastor Will came out in his donkey headdress and everyone was laughing, knowing that they were going to have a good time with this.  I had a couple of Josephs ready to walk down the aisle and up on stage and two little Mary’s.  An angel joined them on their journey – fine, that worked with me.  Then I saw one more little strawberry-blonde girl, a little older than the others, dressed in Mary-blue (I think we know that color as well as we do Carolina-blue.)  I asked her if she was going up, but she backed up and shook her head.  I’m not Mary, she explained to me.  I nodded knowingly, although it was a mystery.  As the pageant played out, the other characters went on stage at their cues.  Almost everyone who was supposed to be at the stable was now there, and we were down to our wise men, following the star.  I turned to cue them, and saw the little strawberry blonde wrapped up in blue.  She seemed almost in tears, so I scooted over and bent to ask her if she was ready to go on.  She shrugged and told me in a very quiet voice that it didn’t matter.  I suddenly decided, or maybe had a revelation, that she was the innkeeper’s wife.  You’re the innkeeper’s wife, I said to her.  You’re so important!  You get go and straighten things out in that stable.  And so she walked down the aisle to the stage, head held high, while Holly talked about the wise men, who followed that innkeeper’s wife to the stable where Jesus, it is my understanding, was picked up by a lion, but then gently returned to his manger by one of the others in the crowd gathered there.

Just thought you all should be aware of Christmas miracles.


Garry Somers