Dancing with the Trinity

Science Mike LIVE at Holy Trinity

Let me share with you something I’m really excited about and geeking out on!

This month, on Sunday, February 19 at 7:30 PM, Holy Trinity will host Mike McHargue, from The Liturgists and Ask Science Mike podcasts, and author of Finding God in the Waves.  We are bringing Mike to Holy Trinity through our faith and science grant from STEAM (science and theology for emerging adult ministries) and Fuller Seminary.  At this event, Mike will share his personal story, his book, as well as host “Ask Science Mike Live”, which includes an incredible arena for questions and answers.  Science Mike is a big deal; he has a huge following, and we would love to have you and a friend join us for this event.  If you have any friends who are wrestling with the relationship between faith and science, or who even identify themselves as a skeptic or atheist, this would be a great event to invite them to.

Mike’s mission is never to “convert” anyone but only to open up a safe space for understanding and discussion.

From Mike’s website, www.mikemchargue.com,

Mike McHargue (better known as Science Mike) is an author, podcaster, and speaker focused on the science behind spiritual experiences.  Mike lost his faith via atheism as an adult, but rediscovered God in cosmology and neuroscience – a journey that led to his life’s mission: helping people reconcile their faith with modern science.”

If you have never listened to an episode of the podcast “Ask Science Mike”, I highly encourage you to do so.  Mike has a gift for creating a safe space for people to ask heartfelt authentic questions in the realm of faith and science, and he is masterful at answering questions while being honest about his own beliefs and about questions he doesn’t know how to answer.  His book has good reviews and I really enjoyed it, but it’s not necessarily an easy read.  The book (like any book) isn’t without critiques.  He tackles some hard subjects interweaving his own person story of faith, doubt, disbelief and reconstruction of faith.  While not everyone agrees with Mike’s personal theology and politics (who agrees with anyone’s beliefs or politics in totality?!?), I am super excited to have Mike spend some time with us engaging in this critical area of faith and life. Plus I get to meet someone face to face that I personally admire!

Please stay tuned and engaged with our work in “faith and science”.

Our hope is that this event will be a spring board into larger and deeper discussions in the ongoing partnership of science and faith.

Pastor Will Rose