Dancing with the Trinity

Rally Day at Holy Trinity

Sunday School begins today!  We call the beginning of Sunday School Rally Day.  Rally Day has been around a long time dating back to at least 1905:

“This festival is rapidly growing in favor. It usually comes at the end of the summer break-up, and is used as a means of rallying the forces again for the work of fall and winter. When a general is preparing for a battle he is said to rally his forces. When a sick person begins to recover it is said of him that he his rallying. When a bookbinder brings together in one place the different sections of a book to be bound into one he is said to be rallying the book. All of these phrases may be applied to the Sunday-school work; we are rallying our forces for the great campaign of the fall and winter.” (from a book called “How to Conduct Sunday School,” 1905).

It’s a day to “rally” up our enthusiasm and make new commitments to getting to church (maybe a little earlier than we have been during the summer) and dedicating some time to learning more about the Bible, topics of faith, and being in fellowship with one another. Sunday School attendance in mainline churches has decreased considerably over the years. Some congregations don’t even offer Sunday School anymore, but instead offer mid-week evening courses. Here in Chapel Hill, it seems that Sundays are our best time of getting people to attend events, so we continue with Sunday School. I want to stress the importance of establishing a faith foundation with your children. This is where the key Bible stories are learned that set the foundation for Confirmation classes, Sunday worship, and life- long learning. This year we are using a new lectionary based curriculum called Whirl for our children ages 3 years-4th grade.  These lessons will coincide with the lessons we hear during worship.  Fifth graders will be using the Connect materials to make biblical connections to their lives, Confirmation students will be learning the basics of Lutheran beliefs, and High School students will be having discussions with their peers as well as serving as small group facilitators for Confirmation.

However, Sunday School is not just for kids!  We offer an adult Bible study led by Jon Arnold every Sunday as well as a topical adult class that will begin with “Why Celebrate the Reformation” led by Dr. Scott Hendrix and will be followed by a Lutheranism 101 course led by Pastor Will. Parents are the number one influence on whether their children will have faith.  Modeling that you still want to learn and grow by attending classes is a wonderful example to set for children.  Even if you don’t have children or they are grown, we never “arrive” in our faith formation. There’s always more to learn and we also benefit from being in conversation with one another.  Please consider joining us this year at 9:45 each Sunday!

Holly Shipley, Minister of Faith Formation