Dancing with the Trinity

MOVING at Holy Trinity

From the Minister of Faith Formation:

What is on my mind this week? The same thing on the mind of all our church staff and church leadership this month—MOVING for the Renew300 renovation! There’s a lot to do in the next few weeks to prepare for all activities that take place in the Ministry Center to move to the Worship Center for our 8-10 month renovation. Many thanks to the enormous amount of work that so many of you have already done! But there is more to do!  Here’s an outline of dates to keep in mind and where we could use your help:

Saturday, March 3, 9-noon—Move all of the things we would like to keep into a tractor trailer that will be in our church parking lot (and then moved for storage later)

Sunday, March 4 after each service—Church members are invited to go into the Ministry Center and take whatever items are remaining that you would like to keep.

Saturday, March 10, 8-noon—Open up the Ministry Center to the public and sell any remaining items. Best offers accepted. Money will go towards Renew300 renovation.

Some things for you to know about where to find staff and ministries:

The Church office will be moved by Monday, February 26 to the back room of the Church Nursery in the Worship Center. You will find Heidi Rueckel, Church Administrator, and Tom Alexander, Book Keeper, there.  Pastor Will’s office will be in the pastor’s robing room across from the men’s bathroom. Pastor Mark will be working out of the Campus Ministry Center now located in the Conference Room (former Youth Room).  Since Laura Alexander is in school during the days right now, she doesn’t need office space except for the Choir Room in the evenings.  I will be in the Choir Room during the day. The entrance during the week will be the side door on Cottage Lane.

Sunday School: Children’s Sunday School will take place the sanctuary, Confirmation in the Campus Center, High School in the Campus Center (using a divider between classes), and Adults in the Library/Cry Room. Luther’s café and fellowship will take place in the Narthex. We ask that during the renovation 8:30 folks try to clear out of the worship space and go into the narthex to socialize so we can set up for Sunday School. Those attending 11:00 service are asked to wait in the Narthex or back hallways until 10:40 for Sunday School to end, before entering worship space.

Campus Ministry will have the large Conference Room with the understanding that it is shared space at times, for instance the Quilters will meet in there on Tuesdays. LCM will have their Wednesday night meals in there as well.  They will worship in the sanctuary on Wednesday nights.

Choirs will continue to meet in the Choir Room and Sanctuary.

Youth Group will try to use people’s homes and do activities away from church as much as possible. During the summer they will meet in the Campus Ministry Center. COOL Club & Joyful Servants will do the same.

Council, Teams and Study Groups will all need to reserve their space with the Church office. The main meeting spaces will be the Library/Cry Room, Narthex, and occasionally the sanctuary.

As Pastor Mark mentioned last week in his article, it can be a stressful time and we will need to be flexible and patient with one another as we make this transitions in order to grow our ministry and renovate our space.


Holly Shipley