Dancing with the Trinity

Congregational Survey Results

Dear members and friends of Holy Trinity,

Our Capital Campaign Leadership Team, Church Council, and the Holy Trinity staff want to thank you for taking the time to fill out our congregational survey MAP (missional assessment profile).  We had 198 members complete the survey which is a fantastic response!  The results of the survey show a positive revealing that we have a deep connection to our common mission and vision; we are excited about what God is doing with us and through us as a congregation; and it reveals where we can grow in our witness and evangelism, as well as reveal the priorities where we feel we should focus our energy and resources.  I listed these priorities below, and in my humble opinion these are some very healthy priorities.

We attached the results of the MAP survey to our weekly email but we realize it is a lot of information and needs interpretation.  On Sunday, March 5, during the Sunday School hour, Pastor David Misenheimer (our campaign consultant from Kairos) will walk through the results of this survey, give his interpretation, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We hope you can join us for this important and special conversation.

As always you are welcome to contact our pastoral and program staff, as well as Church Council members, with any questions, ideas or concerns you may have.  We are really excited about the health of our congregation, the opportunities presented to us in our priorities, and with what God has in store for us as we move forward in renewal and ministry.

Your partner in Ministry,

Pastor Will Rose


Our top 14 Priorities from the results of our MAP Survey


Advocating to improve the situations of those living in poverty within the community. 
Exploring new and innovative ways to be church in today’s culture.  
Helping members recognize God at work in all aspects of their lives. 
Collaborating with other area civic and service organizations to better respond to the needs of the community.  
Organizing more opportunities for community service and outreach. 
Working with other area congregations to increase our ministry’s impact in the community.  
Advocating to improve societal issues. 
Increasing visibility of the congregation within the community. 
Attracting more members.  
Increasing the number of members serving on committees.   10 
Becoming more invested in this congregation’s neighborhood. 11 
Increasing worship attendance.   12 
Motivating members to give more.   13 
Increasing the number of ministries run by the congregation.  14